Jersey Shore may as well be titled Apocolypse Now

I’m completely baffled when adults approach me after a presentation to tell me that kids are the same today as they’ve always been. “They’re no different than we were back in the day.”

Oh yeah?

View one episode of Jersey Shore, the wildly popular MTV reality show, and you’ll never say that again.

Some are better, some are worse, but today’s youth are definitely different. And even the best among them have a watchful eye on their counterpart peers, who are, theoretically, having all the fun, excitement, and adventure. There are some pretty strong influences available to any one of any age at any time, and there’s no denying the strength of this gravitational pull.

Check out the trailer below for the upcoming season of Jersey Shore and ask yourself how proud you’d be if you were the parent of one of these fine young Americans.

(Employers, are you really eager to hire one of these kinds of kids?)

It’s time to quit making excuses, grasp the major shift in cultural values, and boldly do something about it. It won’t be easy, and our actions won’t be popular, but we can affect change.


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