As the only speaker and author in the world focused on developing the work ethic in the emerging workforce, Eric Chester is attracting a lot of media attention.  Here are some links, clips, and downloads of recent stories where he is featured, or where he serves as a leading source in a story about work ethic and/or the emerging workforce.

QSRWeb_Logo QSRweb.com7 Ways to Improve Employee Work Ethic – Recently, Eric was invited to keynote the 2013 Fast Casual Summit. Columnist Nate Riggs summarizes seven strategies for improving work ethic that Eric conveyed to 140 restaurant operators in attendance.
G&M Box logo The Globe and MailIt’s Never too Early to Learn Job Skills – This Canadian publication interviewed Eric about his opinions on why young people are not prepared for entering the workforce and how experience can help them understand what employers will require in order for them to earn a living.
nations-restaurant-news-logo Nation’s Restaurant NewsHow Strong Restaurant HR Policies can Prevent PR Disasters – After several popular restaurant brands had to defend the negative press they received through social media on behalf of disgruntled employees, Associate Editor Erin Dostal interviewed Eric for his perspective, which he presents from both the employer’s and employee’s viewpoint.
entrepreneur_logo Entrepreneur10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Letting an Employee Go – Lisa Girard, a freelance writer, included comments from Eric about employee engagement, motivation, and helping employees succeed by ensuring they are in the right position.
ForbesNine Ways to Make Yourself Easy to Work With – Samantha Ettus,  contributing columnist to Forbes, asked Eric to add his comments about being ethical on the job.  Create a Company Culture that Inspires Success – reprinted a segment from Eric’s book, Reviving Work Ethic, in which Eric focuses on the importance of providing employees with positive reinforcement and creating an atmosphere that communicates business success and optimism.
CNBC   Employers Now Charged with Developing the Work Ethic Values that Used to Be Taught at Home – CNBC’s Bullish on Books post highlights Eric’s blog about the decline of work ethic in America, its impact on young people and their mindset about work, and why he developed his newest book, Reviving Work Ethic:  A Leader’s Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Emerging Workforce.
  Forbes  Reviving Work Ethic in America – Forbes’ Contributor Dan Schawbel interviewed Eric on the declining work ethic across the country. In this interview, Eric talks about what’s wrong with work ethic in America, why Gen-Y is having trouble with work ethic, and  more.

Huffington Post  Check the Work Ethic in Your Company, If You Dare – Huff Post’s Marty Zwilling provides his analysis of Eric’s book, Reviving Work Ethic, noting Eric’s focus on young employees, whose habits and ideals might be more easily moldable. Zwilling remarks, “…with people of any age, work ethic is knowing what to do and doing it,” and delves deeper into the seven elements Eric targets as essential to an individual’s work ethic.